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The story behind Modest Wear, I started working in a clothing store at the age of 14. I loved it so much that by 16 I was managing the store. My mind was set on owning my own business one day but what and how? I started to wear the hijab at the age of 20 and when I started it was very hard to find any decent hijab or hijab accessories and dressing modestly became a challenge. I spent my first years owning just a hand full of hijabs and accessories and was amazed at the lack of accessibility for Muslim woman. At that time I made intentions that I would one day make dressing modestly more accessible for Muslim woman. In 2013 with the help of Allah (SWT) I was able to fulfil this dream, Alhamdulillah!

– Modest Wear

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Modest Wear

Discover The Latest Modest Evening Gown, Prom Dress, New Arrival Fashion And Modest Women's Dresses Online

Noshaba Sarwar

This store is a blessing for Muslim community. I was wondering from long to find some beautiful dresses , finally I found a large variety of nice long dresses. The sister and her family is very helpful and nice. Thank you ❤️

Adam Hawaa

This place have affordable prices great selection beautiful dresses. Keep going may Allah bless you with Barakah Nice costumer service. Thank you will be coming back

Saf Syed

Great customer service experience! The first thing I received when I entered the store was a friendly greeting and that made the entire visit great. I had questions about a particular piece of clothing and the staff member again came to my aid and helped me out. I love the selections of clothing items. Some can be a bit pricey but there are lots of great finds.